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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"


Strangely enough i've not played a tetris game with this music but everywhere i hear it and love the tune. This is very cool!

The best Tetris remixed tune ever!

I heard this song maybe about 2 years ago. Back then, I've reviewed it before when I was a user as Anipunk8831. Now it's 2007, and I like to give this one another review and a spin. After I've give it another spin, I fall in love with this remixed track of original Tetris on GB. I have played the original Tetris on GB at my young age. I really love Tetris so much that I really wanted to play more. However, as of today I'm thinking to get Tetris DS on Nintendo DS someday, since they have multiplayer Wi-Fi connection. I'm sure you'll know that title very well if you know it early, but if not you still have time. (^_^)

Anyway, back to the review. The beats of the original Tetris on GB are really recognizable from what I've played the original game before. This speed mix really made Tetris fit for difficultly gameplay modes in any Tetris game in my opinion. Best to fit this one for super hard difficulty, lol. Anyway, I'm really surprised that you made Tetris on Speed a Diamond Track, thanks for having 22,000+ downloads. This song has lead fans of this game having a most memorable song ever made on NG.

All in all, Tetris on Speed Mix is probably the only best Tetris remixed track I've ever heard, plus it's my favorite too. The second Tetris mix I like was Metal Tetris, which is made by FlameMesial (formally StickTorture United). While the Metal Tetris is good, I still think Tetris on Speed Mix deserves the best.


Pimped Out, Siply pimped out


i like this song. try tetris on acid.

***gameboy muted***

actuly... i didn't mute my gameboy...this song was so cool it blew out my speakers and the song muted it for me! this is another great song from THE HouseMasta! :)

HouseMasta responds:

hey thanks a lot man!