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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"

i love tetris

i used to play tetris all the time and the theme would get stuck in my head. still one of my favorite tunes from a game. and this made that tune SO much better! XD

Cool music brings back old tetris memories.

This remix is really cool I give credit to this song. I still remember playing the old game boy version. Also, people who think the song is repetitive, well duh! It's tetris not a damn orchastra.


And before someone says it, i know. the original song is like the mother of all repetative songs. But in this one, you didnt even really change anything. You could have cut it off after you looped the first time, excluding the two parts, and it would have sounded the same. If you ahd changed up the instruments or the ryhtm other than your grace notes, i would have liked this more. This isn't bad, its just not as good as it could be


I am drinking beer with chip's and driving at the same time.

Very very nice

I like it it's got A nice beat to it. You got some TALENT!!!!!!!!!