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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"

THAT repetitive `knock knock` made it worse :(
I haven't heard the worse remix of Tetris Tune just like this one :\
I suppose it's the worst from all of the remixes out there...

I Like It,wow it.

Nice song but too much like the original. Mangle and twist it some more and more people will like it.

really? you've done good to manage to convicne so many people with this into giving you 5 stars by default.

all you did was download a midi file, put it in one synth and put some basic drums alongside it. i dont see where the composing or the imagination is that would merit 5 stars. this is just tetris sped up with some drums. not even yours.

no dynamics, no change. nothing seperate from the original tetris composition. good work putting drums on a track though. atleast you did that

Not bad, but not good enough.