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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"


I think it's a cool song but it feels like its lacking something, it really just sounds like you just added a beat on top of a sped up version of the song, i think a little more creativity would work for this song, don't get me wrong it's a cool song plus i could see it being remixed with other songs which makes a pretty kickass song.

HouseMasta responds:

Hey, couldn't agree with you more. Go check out my "Tetris Dirty Remix", I guarantee you'll like it better!



One of the best remixes i've ever seen, one thing which keeps me from rating 10 is..


Glad this made frontpage. All the others are crap. I can't stop listnin to this!

yay :D

its really speedy :)

Nice tone

I really enjoyed this song and glad that is free for anyone too download.

Thanks HouseMasta.