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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"

I Cried

The second i heard this i was like


and so i did

Good job and keep this style up, your good at it


Insanely fast version of tetris... reminds me of when I get to level 13-15 on marathon and the blocks are so fast you can't see them.....

great job...

Holy SHIT!!!

Okay, first of all, very fast paced, wich is good. The tetris song is by nature perfect for fast paced nerve snapping fight scenes, but your remix of it and its speed through me a few characters I've created over the years into a siezure like coma for about 6 playthroughs as they rapidly dealt sift and violent paced death to each other.....

To take a familiar song and remake to a point where I am forcibly thrown into such a mental state is phenomenal, and only masters can do that. Only one other tetris track has done that to me so far.

I honestly and blown away, and hope to find other similarly fast paced tracks in your gallery, and if I don't, well, I hope you make a version of the tetris music thats insanely fast and loops flawlessly. If you can do that, you will truly prove yourself to me as a capable Sound smith,

Remember, just because I may seem to be a random nobody doesn't mean I am. I may be someone far more noteworthy than you think.

The slow parts were even fast paced and left nearly no space in my mind for my personalities to rest as the pace jumped straight back up to chaos in seconds.

Must snap out of it!!!

I am enjoying this song so much that i listened to it for fifteen minutes before
i snapped out of some weird trance.
So this must be good.


Good work, men.