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Reviews for "Tetris on Speed"


I love your remixes so much that I was wondering if I could make a request??? You could do either one of these sonic selections please: mystic cave zone from sonic 2. oil ocean zone from sonic 2. doomsday zone from sonic3 and knuckles. If you could do that I would really enjoy listening to that. Thanx!!

HouseMasta responds:

Alright, i will make each of your songs within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for being a fan!


Wow i searched the whole audio portal for tetris remixes and yours in definetly the best of them.
Great job. You should try a Dr. Mario remix sometime. Good luck with your music.

HouseMasta responds:

Wow, thanks! I never realized this one would be so popular. I thank you for the review! I will work on a Dr Mario remix soon, but there's a list of songs i want to create 1st, so check back often. thanks again

I loved it :)

I was just looking around from someone to remix that tetris song. And you did a capital job. I don't think there is any way you could have made it better.

HouseMasta responds:

Wow, thank you for enjoying my music. I appreciate your review. If there's any kind of song youre looking for, feel free to ask me and I'll be more than happy to create a song that fits your wants. I enjoy your Time Trial Flashes and I hope to see more! Thanks again!