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Reviews for "0000"

Finally. Another game that will give me enjoyment on Newgrounds. 10/10 my dude. If you get blammed, people are idiots.

reaaly good

Extremely good game. Took me 27:21.

I really liked music, gameplay and style (lets assume its really cool), and my vote is sincerely 5/5, but I want to give a feedback on a strong disadvantage.
Your game is challenging, and in games like that you are dying 100 times before you beat the level. Meanwhile, you are getting used to the level, making your fingers and brain act perfectly to beat it. But you make the player to switch between levels, and that increase to play time exponentially.
I started to die on purpose on all levels except for one, after douzens tries. This feature looks like awesome at first, and it would be perfect if the game was not so challenging.

My final score was 7:19. That took practice, to be sure; previously I got over 39 minutes before taking a break - and then I lost my progress. I think this game needs a save feature or something. Or maybe pause the timer every time you begin a level.

Anyway, this is certainly quality Nintendo Hard gaming. Good work.

By the way, I didn't get anything from clicking on the website link. What gives?