Reviews for "STARBARIANS - Episode 3 (April Fools)"

The part that is really unfortunate about this show, is that it's almost A SHOW! Literally people would ahem pay money to watch weekly/monthly episodes. It would be great to see a Patreon page for you guys so maybe you could quit your other jobs and do this, like a ton more. Here is hoping for 2019...

Disrespect to the fans!?
This is the best April Fool's I've ever seen from any one. I laughed all the way through, I love you Harry! Though I hope to see the new Starbarians at... some point when I'm still alive, your work is always worth the wait!

Wow nice

The animation and characters on this is just amazing, I think some "SUBTITLES" wouldnt hurt on this and would make for a nice extra option, You have a Splendid idea here it was very Grand and certainly can be better but Perhaps I will help with some details later in this review, but as I do get started here, It was decent.

I think some subtitles wouldnt hurt on this and would make for a nice extra option


if your going to make a april fool jack don't have the word april fool the name of the video

yay year old