Reviews for "STARBARIANS - Episode 3 (April Fools)"

Okay. You got me. That was a good one, Harry. Also, one of the best April Fool's pranks I have experienced in years. A small part of my soul shattered, but it will heal with the laughter.

Nice work, good sir. Well done.

It may not be the real episode 3 but to me I think it still counts. Still just as funny as a normal episode and wasnt a cheap cop out like some April Fools day pranks. Plus you really showed your talent with ll the animation styles. Thats pretty impressive

this is the best april fools video! <3
Nice work!

Watching stuff from you brings me back to my high school days.

Amazing animation.
The way you showed those those different animation types shows your skill.

Thank you:)

Yep, pretty easy to guess this would win Daily Feature. For an April Fool's Day gag, it was really great! I thought it would just be some cheap thing with no effort. It actually did have effort put into it! I feel bad for not giving this the full score. I still love it, okay!

I knew you'd go to GoAnimate eventually. The stick parts were done quite well. It was a little too short. It was just meant to be a joke, though. Happy April Fool's Day!