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Reviews for "An Alien Affair"

yooo everyones ripping off rick and morty nowadays..

the art style is appealing

the lip synch is bad

This is really dope! Concept and humor are great! Art and animation are great!

The only thing is BRO THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY COPIED FROM RICK AND MORTY like come on it's super obvious.

The way the guy says "Kerry" after every sentence like how Rick says "Morty", the way the voice actor played him was in the same emotionality and cadence of Rick and you even made his pupils have the same shape at 2:25!

Why'd you do that?? it doesn't add any substance to the film and only detracts.

Would have given a 4.5/5 or 5/5 if it wasn't for that.

Good shit tho

TylerLandis responds:

Thanks man! His voice was definitely inspired by Rick, I didn't realize that would bother people so much! Rick and Morty was the first time I saw something on television and thought "Woah, this is like, my sense of humor! On TV!" which was a big moment for me, because I never thought my sense of humor would work on TV. I thought it was too weird. I just thought for this cartoon it would be fun to use a voice similar to Rick's for Dan's character, and that it'd be a fun little reference to a show I love. I can see the newgrounds community is not of a similar mind haha