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Reviews for "An Alien Affair"

I love the animation, great graphics, sound voice overs. All is simple, and it was supposed to be simple.

What I loved the most was the pace of things, the protagonist was escalating everything very fast, and the conclusion was not delivered until the very end. The suddenness of the answer of this very question of WHY made me chuckle :).

Also nice graphical representations of what the protagonist was saying.

Not to be offensive, but you should probably make your own style and characters.
Other than that, good animation and narrative.

I really don't find the fact that this is reminiscent of Rick and Morty problematic. There's really good animation and writing here, and if the people involved wanted to do a cheap rip-off of Rick and Morty they'd have chosen something that takes less work than animation. I think this was really well done. It was entertaining and the Rick and Morty vibes in no way hurt that.

I can see how other reviewers are getting a Rick and Morty vibe in the delivery of the boyfriend, but to say that a specific cadence is intellectually owned by a popular show is bonkers. As if that's where it came from. (Meanwhile you could argue R&M is a knockoff of various other properties)

Otherwise, solid cartoon! The background usage was a bit iffy and some parts probably could have been boarded a little more coherently (particularly the bits of dialogue). You could've probably also shortened/cut out altogether one of the boyfriend's ramblings. The animation was great and the writing was pretty sharp. The ending absolutely caught me off guard.

Nice job!

The writing and voice acting in this has a clearly strong influence (if not direct ripoff) of Rick and Morty. There wouldn't be a problem if there was a creative spin or have the R&M style mixed in with your style, but it feels as if you had just finished binge watching the show and decided to work on this. The animation, on the other hand, is great (as usual with Pivots). He really brought life to this project.

Overall I give this a 2.5 star rating. The writing could use a little less R&M and a little more YOU.

TylerLandis responds:

I feel like I need to respond to the Rick and Morty stuff, because enough people have accused this of being a "ripoff" and it's starting to really confuse me. I get that Dan's rambling and constant repeating Carrie's name is reminiscent of Rick and Morty. I thought that would be funny, and feel kind of like a reference. But I don't get how this cartoon can be considered a "ripoff" when it has nothing else to do with Rick and Morty. The entire plot of the episode is nothing like R&M except for the fact that he talks about aliens. What I found funny about the script is that he's using a big life event as an excuse to break up with her even though it doesn't actually make sense. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling, and the feeling that the person breaking up with you isn't telling you the real reason, and it's not very R&M as a concept at all. Plus there are even significant differences between Dan's voice and Rick's voice (it's not gravely, there are no burps, he sounds scared the whole time which Rick never is, he doesn't sound cocky, when he gets really worked up and starts screaming I don't think it sounds like Rick at all, his voice is higher pitched in general). I don't know if you're familiar with my work, but I've had a similar sense of humor to R&M since before it started airing, and actually got a lot of texts from friends when R&M first aired saying that the show reminded them of my sense of humor, so maybe my style is just too close to R&M in general for people to be able to tell the difference, but this has been my sense of humor since middle school. I thought people might say things like "Oh man, Dan's voice reminds me of Rick!" but I definitely didn't expect people to accuse this of being a ripoff. Just watch my Li'l Buddies series (which I've been making since 2011) and hopefully you'll agree that this is my sense of humor.

I'm glad you liked Jordan and Evan's work though, they're wonderful!