Reviews for "BROBOT (Episode 1)"

The animation and lip sync was good most of the time.
The story was well thought out, a good length, and made sense.

Though, the whole "time travel thing to prevent something from happening" idea has been overdone lately. Thats kind of the trademark of Rick and Morty on Cartoon Network and maybe in Family Guy with Brian and Stewie.

The line quality in most of the scenes (especially on the two main characters" was too thick and needs to be thinned down.

tylerghardin responds:

thanks for the review. i agree that time travel's been an overdone thing as of late -- if you check out the newspaper gag at 2:52 i make a reference to how big a debt i owe rick and morty. but i love it anyway! thanks for your comments :)

The best cartoon i have seen on here in quite a while, keep em coming :D I think this could have potential to be a show that is aired on Adult swim or so.. Well, at least I think that. I would watch it!

all things aside, awesome animation and humor :)

tylerghardin responds:

hey thank you so much!! :)

Was worth the wait. The writing, direction, and humor was great, even better than the animatic version. Not to mention the animation has gotten a lot better, although still some issues with movement here and there with the walk cycles and characters moving up and down, but that's a minor issue.

tylerghardin responds:

yeah i know in the first scene especially there's some walk cycle issues, but then again that whole scene is animated differently than the rest of the show. i just decided to leave it since i was tired of toying with it lol. but thanks!! i'm glad you appreciated it, especially your compliment about the animatic version... i tried to rewrite it and make it different in some areas

Great job on man!

tylerghardin responds:

thanks a lot!

Only one word to describe this cartoon, but I fear it may mess with time itself. But hell, it may be worth it.


Amazing work. Thank you again.

tylerghardin responds:

hahaha yessssss. no other comments needed!