Reviews for "Sweet Boy Beach - The Stranger and the Storm"

Wow, you guys finished this quckly! I'm really impressed by the progression of the story, personally. I think you did an awesome job together :O!
Even though I love the material you write entirely on your own, I'd also love to see some more group efforts in the future, if the result can be expected to be this good :D
Wonderful stuff :3

Sexual-Lobster responds:


While this made no more sense than usual, the ending struck me particularly hard. While many are not sculpted like a modern-day Adonis, the need to be liked, commented, and subscribed is truly universal. My manly heart is moved.

Still gay.

No, but really, honestly, what goes on in your head that you would conjure such masterful oddities?

Mustache verbal filtering... that is a new one. I must admit where the Lobster is concerned there is no boundary that cannot be tackled.
The ending killed it. I mean it was as if you hit dead center even though the joke really had nothing to do with the story (LOL). Like me on Facebook INDEED! Was that also a subliminal message?
And Pantaloons! I mean my god man, reaching for the classics with classic flair. Classic!
So much grease based humor. I swear you are going to break out with greasy man boobs eventually that possess strange hypnotic powers... and shoot laser beams. I am also expecting a Penguin Gun that shoots penguins but that is just me with another stupid pointless expectation.

Also the dry sarcasm... it is tough to pull comedy with that. I have to say nice and very dry humor. It is so left field and then it just jumps off the edge of the world wearing a gimp costume holding an Umbrella like Marry Poppins.

Well met sir. This is going places. Mostly to the storm drain this episode but hey, we all got to go somewhere don't we?

Really the ending was pretty damn funny for being so off topic.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you liked it!