Reviews for "Sweet Boy Beach - The Stranger and the Storm"

Get fucked!

As the tired swordfish comes inside only the portal to the dry world lies the ultimate hydration for this creature as entering this wasteland only comes when you see it's vision

Sexual-Lobster responds:


Good animation and quality episode.
Though, the story wasn't as funny as your usual stuff.

Good work, none the less.

it may not be the usual epicness but this is also one of many great works of yours ^^ great work my man ^^

Sexual-Lobster responds:


You have this crazy sense of reality. Normally most people would not understand it at all but you have such a great balance and use of words that your sense of humor can reach more people. I think that is what makes your animations so great.

I would normally make some crazy reference after someone says something but it would often be met with mass confusion. You have such a unique way of stringing words together that just somehow reaches more people. Great job.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks! although i did write a bit of this, i was mostly an editor.