Reviews for "Sweet Boy Beach - The Stranger and the Storm"

Great dialog

You have some really good dialog here between these guys the story not so bad a little crazy and the animation was fluid and all seemed to work so well here so nice job here but anyways nice animation nice awards you should make more like this

Make this into a series that's how it can be improved


wow these guys are the most mainly men I've ever seen ever I thought that guy without the moustache was a little girly man but then he got a moustache and then I realised I was wrong

That dialogue was exquisite! Did you watch In the Loop one too many times? ;)

The dialogue is great, the story line mildly bizarre yet interesting, and the Get Fucked at the end coupled with the wacky ending music is perfect.

i thought this was very amazing even at the end, it pulled a good laugh
"like me on facebook." "get fucked." xD thanks for making us laugh somehow :3