Reviews for "NWAR: Carte Blanche"

So, you have something against hospitals... I could count the number of times you referred to one with one hand without either mentioning a stump nor an extra-fingered-hand.
Yes, I would also hope they could all help to heal and treat people, but like most of the things that were designed to accomplish one thing, they actually accomplish several more non-intentionally, and in many cases not desirable.

I enjoyed your animation though, a refreshing and an amusing way to tell a story with a nice play of words. I am just wondering if this is somehow related to someone you personally know, it'd be sadly regrettable to have such an armored van like that flying away to oblivion...

So... are you gonna' remake the whole series time following Blanche`?

I love the animation you were trying to hard to be funny but it had it moments

Loved the humor
Loved the animation
Loved the story & character
The length was perfect. Not too long & not too short
First time I've given a 5 star, and I know for a fact it's well deserved

What a random ending! XD Switching out detectives was a not-as-devastating move as I'd expected, even if Blanche's personality seems a bit... missing some vital form of heroism that should come with such a job! Well, maybe her personality's set to grow in more than this one episode? New season (though lack of numbers in thumbnails leave doubt)? Seeing that other guy on the billboard was the best cameo possible, and feels like the wordplay's on a level of it's own on this one. Like the boss level. All clever and easy to get into. Hospitable. Good to see the future of the series isn't set adrift entirely!