Reviews for "NWAR: Carte Blanche"

find it a bit lazy that the partner has the exact kind of dialogue and jokes as the main character since she does, most of the time according to the rest of the series work with vigilantes while the protagonist does his own thing usually. idk thats just my opinion, you're allowed to correct me if you think im wrong


This was a unique style of animation and there was a lot of narrative in this but I think that's what made this very good and detailed for sure and just an overall good movie so nice job here and I look forward to even more

I would like to see more action put in this


This just my opinion, but I find this incredibly boring to watch. Too much narration. It's like a children's bedtime story. Sorry for being so rude, other than that the animation was good and I like the art style.
Just not my cup of tea.

What a random ending! XD Switching out detectives was a not-as-devastating move as I'd expected, even if Blanche's personality seems a bit... missing some vital form of heroism that should come with such a job! Well, maybe her personality's set to grow in more than this one episode? New season (though lack of numbers in thumbnails leave doubt)? Seeing that other guy on the billboard was the best cameo possible, and feels like the wordplay's on a level of it's own on this one. Like the boss level. All clever and easy to get into. Hospitable. Good to see the future of the series isn't set adrift entirely!


I hate you. . . lol! Not bad!