Reviews for "NWAR: Carte Blanche"

Like a reasonable debatist who's just heard a very reasonable argument, you don't diss a point. A point, like what the delivery was on. The delivery, like the pizza I ordered today, brought to me by a man on a motorcycle. A motorcycle like the ones in this episode.

I will say I preferred Nwar's delivery a little, though.

Good puns, style and I like the new voice!

Puns were wrote really well and I liked the style!!!

So... are you gonna' remake the whole series time following Blanche`?

So, you have something against hospitals... I could count the number of times you referred to one with one hand without either mentioning a stump nor an extra-fingered-hand.
Yes, I would also hope they could all help to heal and treat people, but like most of the things that were designed to accomplish one thing, they actually accomplish several more non-intentionally, and in many cases not desirable.

I enjoyed your animation though, a refreshing and an amusing way to tell a story with a nice play of words. I am just wondering if this is somehow related to someone you personally know, it'd be sadly regrettable to have such an armored van like that flying away to oblivion...