Reviews for "NWAR: Carte Blanche"

Loved the humor
Loved the animation
Loved the story & character
The length was perfect. Not too long & not too short
First time I've given a 5 star, and I know for a fact it's well deserved

I love the animation you were trying to hard to be funny but it had it moments

Yeah, that was great! I admit it's weird not having the old guy here. We still have lots of jokes with great wordplay, which is what the series is known for. I'm glad you won Daily Feature. The artwork is so good. I just like the lack of color.

The best part might have been the counting on fingers jokes. You just never know what's going to happen there. Blanche seems like quite fun. It's nice to have all these jokes that keep going on. I did find myself rooting for her.

Funny that even till the exciting part of the scene Blanche is still telling the story in semi monotone like reading a story. :P

up up like 7.... love in it.