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Reviews for "Shadows"

I'm pretty sure if I saw that my reaction wouldn't be to sit there and calmly say "I've got to get away from here", it's be something more like "AAAHHH!!! HOLYSHITWTFISTHAT???!!!" followed immediately by running...

Nice little short dude! A tad bit anti climatic. I had a friend once (I dont speak to him anymore) but he had a crazy phobia for whenever people looked at him through a window. I must say it's a little spooky for me now too. nicely done man.

Wow it is creepy but good for a horror movie..thanks to you me and my sis enjoyed this.TY

JackAstral responds:

Thanks !

I like it!
Although it feels more like an intro to something than a complete piece, the colourless style and overall eerie atmosphere was really nice. By the way, right now it's night here and I'm sitting alone next to a window, so thanks, really… :)
Perhaps scarier than the monster was hearing the voice for the first time, because it's quite louder than the initial background music, so it caught me by surprise.

Bottom line, it's interesting and I hope to see more.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! I'll look into lowering the voice volume down a bit - thanks for pointing that out!

I have some pretty cool ideas I think for shorts that are a little longer - I defs wanna do more :-D