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Reviews for "Tifa's part time"

Very hot and well made as usual. : )
(not sure about the FF music choice, though lol)

Ah, can you please also add these things, in the future:
- a way to scroll panels with the keyboard (for example, with spacebar).
- a volume control
Thanks :P

aw m8 i love this

I did not have time too listen or read. Just wanted a glimpse too see how this came out for you pinoy. Honestly it seems great. Read some of the comments.. So like I said I would like too fully check this one here on how it went.. But I like the concept. You also can't ruin the game because i'm sure any guy who played the game.. Wanted to do that to Tifa.. Other wise.. That was quite the comic.

Nice but short

Remake this as the remake game is coming out. Just a thought. A reaction to my comment brought this back to my attention. Why is this super sped up with no controls?