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Reviews for "TD-Mass Hysteria"

I'm CG and my biggest art school sin is using Blender to do my modeling and then exporting the models to the software I'm actually suppose to use. TBH I find modeling in, say, Maya, to be a pain.

As for the video..it's classic TD. No complaints here.

This is an enlightening and funny video, I've been seriously considering going to art school and it's nice to get some insight so I can make an informed decision. Love your animations and keep up the good work.

... This was educational. Thanks a bunch! *not sarcasticly ment by the way* It's awesome that you express your meaning of art and how to make it and use colors and all that stuff from actually making more art! *referring to animation if it wasn't obvious sorry* Dave... you're awesome. Please stay awesome alright? i'll share this video around the www now and hope for the best

Why I'm not Liberal.

That's an interesting way of looking at art like that d(^-^d)