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Reviews for "TD-Mass Hysteria"

I've been out of college about 7 years now, and have enjoyed watching Raziberry's rants on some of the BS of higher education. It's cool how your style and stories have evolved over the years. Nice work!

You are breaking the magic spell, that all teachings & theories are capable of being using the same methods to gain control & indoctrination. However, conservatives are more free then the regressive so called liberals.

I'm still rating this fairly high because I can understand the humor you went for, and because your art and narration is always a joy.
Most people don't give there views on religion or politics because it opens up for a backlash of offended people that will dislike, and maybe even un-follow you just for said opinion. For that, you are either brave, don't give a shit about who watches you, or your just that confident that your fans are fairly like minded. This is also commendable.
Yet, I believe that with this, you are wanting to hear the other side of the discussion from some one who does still have belief, even in a time of atheistic boom. So, here we go.
Depending on how your raised, you will likely view religion as one of two things, a choice, or chore, which far to many parents force religion upon there kids. Why does this matter? Because, all religion is a matter of interpreting the world, and denying or accepting possible clues, like how you can choose whether to believe in the legitimacy of some of the religious stories, or how you can choose to reason that one god's goal is love, or reason that if someone does not show their love for one god, then they should be damned.
With interpretation, sure you could start a war over your understanding, but many have created charities, safe places, and have made massive gifts of their generosity and brotherhood, simply because they believed in the love that their god teaches, as they have interpreted it.
Do you need to be religious to discern wrong form right, no. However, it's arguably the best motivator to allow someone to be much greater than they had once believed.

Oh lord. I went to community collage to read up on some courses I needed to move on with my life and took up photography as a subject. The fucking shit you see. People DO get religious about that stuff. It's their pride and joy. Their baby and god forbid that you have a suggestion on what you think they could improve on. It was like calling their baby ugly.

The one wierd sin in photograpgy is editing. Lightning? Colour correction? Removing sensor dirt? All good yeah? HDR? Flares? Adding digitally? Well congrats! You're now burning on a stake. You have been disowned.

On a side not. I've been in the same boat as you Raziberry. The hivemind is real in academia. Step out of line and you can kiss your grades and social life goodbye.

to me art simply means something to the creator. whatever you create, a drawing, a song, a game, etc... if you create with meaning it's art.