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Reviews for "TD-Mass Hysteria"

"I never said art had to be consistent!"


Animation was cool, viewpoints we're cringe.

Gosh darn Nazi Hitler artists here talking about religion, and spout useless commentary on how the society we live in is questionably structured around drugs, religion, and art. Oh, and it's humorous. Blasphemy! (Please note that this is sarcasm, please don't ban me)

Honestly though, this was great. The commentary on how ideas that certain groups of people have, and how these people force their ideas on others in order to influence, or corrupt the people around them is masterfully done, hilarious, and is altogether amazing! (This is not sarcasm)

(Or is it? You may never know...)

(It's not.)

Very educational, I enjoyed watching while learning. Great video.. :D

What's the point of even going to art school? Really if you're good enough to get into art school you're probably good enough to make it on your own without art school.

The only thing that would even make any sort of sense to go to art school for would be some sort of digital art stuff (to learn how to use the software). Even then the software is ridiculously expensive.