Reviews for "Negasth vs Swyph"

Awesome all hail Negasyth!! :D

he want a sister!

cool movie nice one

Great movie overall. Walking was a bit off but I don't mind anyway.

I figured out that you have 3 Identities: Kenamy, Kenami, and Kenamii.
I was surprised you were once a ROBLOX user with a Dominus.

Kenamy responds:

i'm still on ROBLOX lel,
it's underrated by Teens and adults but it's the kind of game i'll always play, especially for their Studio functionalities, it's pretty fun to develop games with their engine. it's a way for peoples to discover how games are made but in a much simplier way, atleast to discover a experience of being a developer.

Unique characters and awesome effects!

I was gonna make some kind of mad hatter joke but really I'm not in the mood for it.