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Reviews for "I Puzzle Good"

That was pretty good. Awfully easy, though, and quite floaty. Perhaps a bit of speed is needed, although I don't know if or how that would affect the physics.

It's pretty good.

There are 53 "real" levels for those wondering if getting the medal is worth it.

really good game, although i suck at the timing portions, good job and keep it up

Simple fun game, not bad.

I completed it and didn't get the medal though which is pretty annoying. I even completed it again to make sure, and still didn't get it.

Quite an enjoyable game. Simple in style and concept. Levels are reasonable. I would like to see a little more clarity/contrast in colors. The Blue on Blue was a bit difficult to see, and the trails took basically trail and error to figure out what they did. Your play testers should have probably advised removal of a few of the blander/annoying levels. Game Length was great. Love the Single screen aspect and the different play concepts your threw in on the later levels.
Overall a short and enjoyable game.