Reviews for "I Puzzle Good"

Great start to this kind of game. Currently stuck at level 41.

Descent, but there are some things that really keeps this back from it's full potential.

First of all, the most critical part of this game - level design - is not very good. I have played until level 52 now, and most of the levels were very easy. Most of those that took some time I just kinda cleared without getting any satisfaction. It was no "Yes! I figured out the trick!" but more like "ok, now i reached the goal somehow"

Second, the physics is really annoying. You really should reduce the intertia.

The graphics are ok, but could have been better. I do like pixel graphics, so it's not that.

Music is good.

Niborious7 responds:

Level Design: I understand where you are coming from. The levels were designed based on introducing mechanics and modified based on my experiences watching people playtest it. I didn't want people to get stuck, and I wanted the game to be beatable. I wanted the game to be more accessible to new players - fitting with the random people I showed the game to. But for people wanting more challenging puzzles, I do want to expand upon the game to make more levels and a more balanced challenge that goes with the flow of the game. Balancing Challenge like this with a diverse audience is very difficult, so I am glad that I published the game in the state it is now to get more feedback from a wider audience.

Physics:It feels fine for me, but I'm used to it. I think there are definitely some adjustments I could make, so I will look into this.

Graphics: You are probably right. Completely changing the graphics would be a lot and might change the game too much, but there are probably adjustments I could make to make it look better but still have the same feel.

Music: Honestly, the music was probably what I was most insecure about. I had never created and shared a musical piece online before, so Thanks for the praise

It's hard to enjoy a game this choppy. The controls are purely awful and the game lags quite badly for being such a simple game. Plus... There's supposed to be music I assume by how you put credits in your notes, but there's no music. It's just deafening silence. The game gets bland far too quickly.

Niborious7 responds:

It works fine for me on chrome.
What web browser are you using?

My limit is Level 35

Need more such Games!!!