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Reviews for "I Puzzle Good"

A simple puzzler. I do enjoy games like this, the only thing I would change is the background.

Niborious7 responds:

Yeah, its actually just one of the floor tiles blown up and anti-aliased, so you're probably right.

great game, great problem. i accidently hit the "F" key instead of the "R". That led to my character constantly trying to run to the right and i had to restart the game.That was bad news for me when i realized the game doesn't save your progress. I didn't go back again to try to replicate the bug because i was pissed off. i was at lvl 36 i think. awesome fun though, just straighten out the kink with safari or add an autosave feature. good luck and thanks for the game

Niborious7 responds:

Edit: There is now auto-saving - A continue button will show up if you have save data. Unfortunately, there was no auto-saving when you were playing, so you will still have to get back there

I just fixed the issue with getting stuck running in a direction.
It would happen when you release a key as it is transitioning in or out of full screen. You could have fixed this in game just by pressing and releasing right again, but if you were using arrow keys to move and accidentally hit D when hitting F, then you would have to press and release D again which is not intuitive for the player.
I fixed this by clearing all keyboard inputs during fullscreen transitions.

I will work on implementing saving and level selection. I didn't think it was a big deal before because I thought that once you got past a level it shouldn't be that hard to get back there from the beginning. But, my experiences with the game are very different as the creator since I had frequently playtested from the beginning to the end and can beat the whole game in under five minutes :P

I love the game so far. I havent beaten it yet as its finals week. I sat behind you a few times in Anthro and saw you working on this game(sorry to be a creep), but yea. Since I saw you playing, and watching you make the game, i wanted to play it myself, so i googled it and found it lol. Anyways, good job,i like it. i think its great. if you see me on campus, feel free to say whats up, ill try doing the same. good luck on mondays final. Zot Zot fam.

Niborious7 responds:

Lol this is great. I was pretty surprised that this is the first thing that comes up for me when I googled the title. You're going to have to say hi to me first though because I don't know who you are xD

I really like the mechanics in this game, it can lead to a lot of confusing stuff. And I would fucking praise you if you made a level editor of this game with these mechanics. I would spend way too much time on it because I love level editor games with great mechanics.

Niborious7 responds:

Thank You!
Its on the todo list! :)

I nearly cried. The music and the game is so perfect. I hope you make another one please. ITS SO GOOD

Niborious7 responds:

Wow, Thank You!