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Reviews for "I Puzzle Good"

I like it, I can see that there can be a lot more puzzles that could be made with it but I was very satisfied. Great job.

That was pretty good. Awfully easy, though, and quite floaty. Perhaps a bit of speed is needed, although I don't know if or how that would affect the physics.

loved this game
i like how it becomes more dificult and the music goes faster
good job

goes to my fav

Well that was really enjoyable - it was a near ideal contribution to the puzzle platformer genre.

I loved how each puzzle was contained on a single screen so you never had to worry about stuff you couldn't see yet having an effect on anything. I also loved the increasingly growing number of features you had at your disposal to get through them - very nice pacing and difficulty curving.

There are only two things wrong with this game, in my opinion, and one of them is just a minor nitpick: I'd've rather have been able to jump with the up arrow and use space to pick up/drop the boxes. As for the other thing: that guy seemed to take way too long to stop, especially when going at full speed - a much higher coefficient of friction would have made the game handle a *lot* better.

There was also one aesthetic note I wanted to offer regarding the 3-high pits present in a lot of levels that indicate you've failed the level if you fall into them. One of them had a series of platforms on its side that allowed you to jump back up to the start of the level while all the others forced a hard reset of the level despite having room for a similar feature. If they all had that feature (or even if they all didn't), you'd probably see a slight uptick in the overall opinion people have.

Niborious7 responds:

Thank You!

I changed the physics. You now slide to a stop much faster. And you can turn around faster. Pressing in the opposite direction actually makes you slow down faster now, before it wouldn't change you acceleration.

Some of the levels require a reset because the level would change when you hit a switch on the way down. The first of these levels actually makes it much harder if you don't reset. Resetting is usually faster than climbing back up anyway. I think aesthetically you are probably right, so, for consistency sake, I made all of those levels force a reset.

I think I will work on adding a controls options menu.

So much levels, I like it, but the medal is not working.