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Reviews for "I Puzzle Good"

Absolutely loved the game! Lots of challenging but solvable puzzles. Only disappointment was not receiving the medal at the end of it all - any ideas?

Quite an enjoyable game. Simple in style and concept. Levels are reasonable. I would like to see a little more clarity/contrast in colors. The Blue on Blue was a bit difficult to see, and the trails took basically trail and error to figure out what they did. Your play testers should have probably advised removal of a few of the blander/annoying levels. Game Length was great. Love the Single screen aspect and the different play concepts your threw in on the later levels.
Overall a short and enjoyable game.

Very clever use of situational problem solving!
I liked the way the tutorial was diluted throughout the levels, however I think the game could have been even better with more backstory. Who is this person the player controls? Where is this? Why am I here? etcetera...
Very well made.

Nice flash platformer with some fun physics, although the game is a bit drawn-out with 54 levels, plus i didn't get the medal.

This got really fun, especially level 48 when you have to pop up the block then speed jump across it. That's some fun platforming