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Reviews for "Flanders Killer 7"

How'd you get Samination to do this?

Aprime responds:

He's a fan

very good
but devil flanders is way too hard
you could have uhh, i dunno
make his health a bit smaller?

Aprime responds:

Try moving the mouse with one hand and shooting with the other. That works :)

Sometimes reviewers can't see the forest for the trees. When I finished Batman: Arkham City, I immediately cataloged what I thought it did wrong. It tossed in too many villains and didn't flesh them out, it clearly tried to replicate the Scarecrow stuff from the first game and didn't do it as well, and Batman still moves a bit stiffly when simply walking around. When I formed the list, I found myself disappointed with the game. But the days rolled on and I couldn't stop playing -- in fact, I only wanted to play more. The hundreds of things Batman: Arkham City nails outweighed my nitpicky problems. I realized Batman: Arkham City is a brilliant game.

Aprime responds:

I've never received a batman review on my games before, thanks!

very spicey

Aprime responds:

too hawt!