Reviews for "Flanders Killer 7"

This game is incredibly laggy. Why do you not include an option for the players to reduce the game quality?

Due to the lag, I'm not sure if the Flanders satan level is possible or not. Also, in that level, if you lose, you're probably clicking right at the exact spot where it'll then pop up a ton of windows to the flanderskiller website, since your cursor will be likely hovering exactly there (since that's where the Flanders satan's head is)

Probably should have thought that through better, so the player wouldn't accidentally spam-click your website just through normal playing of the game.

Should really do something about all that lag and also should think about placing the link to the site only on the title screen or something, so as people won't accidentally spam click it.

Aprime responds:

Hey, in all versions of the game this is the first time I've heard of lag issues. The code is really basic as I'm sure you can imagine. Please check other Flash games to see if they also too have this issue. My laptop is the most basic thing in the world and runs it fine. Feel free to PM me.

Do you know the German word "Gutmensch". The word-by-word translation is "good human", but it's meant as an insult in Germany.
Playing virtually for the evil side was a nice experience for a "Gutmensch" like me :-)

Aprime responds:

Great, I'll start calling my German friends this name.
Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :)