Reviews for "8bit Love Story"

Reminds me of Trosh from stabyourself. -> http://stabyourself.net/trosh/
I like this kind of 8bit stylish minigames. It's groovy, cool and very smart, because there is a good story simplified to an easy gameplay in a very stylish visualisation. YEAH, don't forget the sound/music, because it wouldn't work without that. For me it's more like an interactive story, than a typical game. So it's more like a visual novel without tons of text.
I like it exactly how it is, but one thing. It lends itself to be a highscore game to have a better impulse for replay.

Good Game But Visit THIS!: newgrounds.com

I mean, it works, but it's not very fun...there's little to no reason to replay it, the spritework was either lazy or bad in most places, and it's incredibly short. But, on a technical level it works and controls just fine, and the idea of syncing up a game to a song is one I haven't seen many times before, and is done pretty well here.

oh, and not every goddamn sprite game is "8 bit".

Nice, happy little casual game with some good replayability.
Music was juicy too.

So cute!