Reviews for "8bit Love Story"

A fun little game to kill a few minutes. I almost always enjoy the retro 8 bit art. The medals gave it some replay value and are pretty simple to figure out how to get. Except for unburnt, can't seem to figure that one out yet.

Reminds me of my love story

It's a nice little piece. Less game than it is animation, but it's still a good distraction. The music syncs nicely too.

I have a theory on how to get the "Unburned" medal ("Untouched" is for dodging all the Devil's attacks, plus it's not like the guy dies even if I waltz into all the fire) but it is surprisingly hard to actively try and fail at a game. Also, anyone else playing this, a perfect playthrough means nothing. You're only doing it for yourself, there's no medal related to that.

Interesting idea, but it could have been better in regards to gameplay and difficulty.

Sprite art's poorly done and the game offers zero threat to the player.
You win regardless of what you do. Should've been an interactive
movie or simulation game, not "Skill - Other".