Reviews for "8bit Love Story"

Short and sweet! Good game plus just loved the pixel artwork! Simple concept to play the game making it playable for just about anybody :)

Simply fantastic.
To start off, I'm going to address what you said in your description about it being 8-bit. It is 8-bit, and the people who are arguing against it are holding onto their nostalgia. This is a new concept which borrowed points from the 8-bit era, and you're completely right to do it.
This "game"- it actually isn't a game, it's a completely new genre- which is why it's categorized as "Skill-Other". It's a story first, with game elements added to it. The player is supposed to feel emotionally attached to the character they play, despite it not being necessary at all to do well. The game will play itself, but the player does it anyway to interact with the story. The byproduct of this is a greater personal investment into the story. It's a basic story from a broad point of view, but everything within it is a completely original iteration of this. Everything from the main character being a "superhero" overcoming these great obstacles in the name of love, to the fantasy concepts of beating a real demon really personify the narrative of looking and finding love. Love is supposed to be something people would risk-it-all for, and you perfectly present that in a way the audience/player will feel.
It's a completely new experience that is worthy of acclaim. Hopefully others understand it in the way you intended- "8bit Love Story" is nothing short of brilliant.

Amazing! Good music!

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You did good work, simple controls, good music, good story, I also love the "achievements" aspect, this is certainly the kind of game i would've played at school during free time in 5th grade

short, sweet, and to the point, but not all retro is 8-bit, nor is all 8-bit retro, so the name is a bit misleading. anyway, nice job. also, kudos on the cleverness of the Unburnt badge. it's really obvious if you stop to think about what happens pretty much the entire game. (i wonder how many people will figure it out without help. xD)