Reviews for "8bit Love Story"

Wow I love the interactive nature of this story, Very quick but it incorporates lots of different simple game types! The retro style art and full 8-bit sound track are right-on. I would say it is too short :) I loved playing this.

Great story, fun gameplay, energetic music, and interesting medals. What else could you ask for?


It's been awhile since you've submitted something. I really do like how unique it is. What I don't like is how it's hard to play. I mean, I didn't know you had to click everything. Well, it was easy to understand after awhile. It was just weird.

I guess it was kind of a sweet story. You aren't known for those. I'm glad you're still around. The music was alright. I hope the medals show up.

HeRetiK responds:

I was experimenting with keyboard controls at first, but that turned out to be even more confusing... besides I didn't want to make a separate control scheme for mobile. Thanks for your feedback! :)