Reviews for "8bit Love Story"

A good game.My only problem is that you could only use mouse controls and not keyboard controls.That to me would make the game much more enjoyable.

yeah nice gameand funny ^^ no find all medals :o

This is a nice little fast-paced game. I really liked the 8 bit art style. I wasn't really a fan of the click and hold mechanic, though.

I thought it was pretty silly that I could just sit back and let the game beat itself. Also, I'm surprised that there wasn't a life bar or a certain number of lives. I could hit every obstacle in the game and still beat the game like I played it perfectly. It would've been nice if it had a little bit of challenge aspect to it.

This is still a pretty good little game, even if it is on the short side. Nice job!

HeRetiK responds:

The challenge lies in the medals :)

very nice game!

Honestly. I loved everything about this. The graphics and art were perfect and while the gameplay was a bit simple it was at least enjoyable. My only honest criticism was the length because it seemed like it could go on longer with how simple the games are. I don't know how long I wanted it to be but just longer than what it could have been given the story. My only other gripe is there is no real way to get a game over. I kept on expecting it when I kept screwing up but I didn't get it. It does remind me of another game on steam but this one is different enough to be its own thing. Still this is head and shoulders above most things on here and I hope to see more from you.