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Reviews for "Xtrullor - Chemical Rage"

Cool. Do you use Serum or Massive? I also got Sidechaining down, but I'm horrible at it. I use Ableton Live Lite. So,eons please respond if u know to this comment. Thanks! I made a Canon in D Dubstep Remix which is my first Dubstep Remix. I used ur drums and I think they helped

This s incredible, the rythm feels great and the song is pretty well designed

I know it's just a loop, but I love it because it's fast. heavy, angry and just the type of dubstep that I love :)

OMG just incredible music! I think this song will be evolution of Dubstep!

Finally something new! I found it quite interesting as this is something that sounds moderately different from your usual works of art, but overall, amazing. :)