Reviews for "Zombies Having Fun"

This was well done. the hand effect looked like a glitch til i used the other options. the changes to the Zombies as the other options where used made it seem better

I like the art style, the hand made font and the sound effects. I look forward to more of your work. Hopefully some of the next ones will have a little more to them, but this one's get some good flow. It's "meaty" ya know? Not static like two statues bump'n uglies. I noticed some of the background has some glow from the moon and other parts don't also their shadows don't move. It's riddled with little stuff like that but who cares right? good job bruh

That is oddly satisfying. Good boobs movements and better than average sound effect/ voice. Wish you did have more time on it.

I don't know whether this deserves 1 star or 5. If it's a satirical comment on the art and animation quality of newgrounds sex appliances, then I applaud you.

MurdahToons responds:

it is all u want and more

there should be more positions