Reviews for "Asterash"

This game seemed to go too fast for me. I was annoyed by how just one shot took me out. Shouldn't I have multiple lives? It's too easy to die! Well, it was challenging at least. The music was nice too.

I liked how there were always new weapons. The machine gun is the best. Most of the medals are pretty easy at first. I guess the design is pretty good. It's not that special, but I would recommend this.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for your review! And yes, we wanted to make it a big challenge because the highscore thing. Maybe the curve of difficulty should be lowered.
Anyway, thanks for recommending this :)

Simple, yet challenging; frustrating, at times, yet highly addictive, thanks to having only one life per game. Some others mentioned preferring that the ship maneuver via that arrow keys, but I like using just the mouse and needing only one hand to play this time-chewer. One thing I'd like to see in a subsequent version is the player's ship automatically firing without the player having to depress the mouse button, since there's no reason to hold one's fire in this game.

I managed to get all but two of the medals, and I don't imagine I'll ever score enough point to earn the "best-of-all-time" medal. I do wonder, though, when the "elite speed ship" is supposed to show up. As of this writing, I've managed to survive long enough to make it past 100,000 points and still didn't see it.

Not sure if it is intended but when I upgrade both guns to max the ship gets really slow, wich in a bullet hell is lame.

Nice concept tho.

game is addicting I do like very much But this my opinion this game is so random from weapons to how the wave of enemy's show up each every time. Plus the slowness your ship gets as it powers ups most people think this. And the visibility of the bullets should be different kinda blends in with background.
As for I think weapon upgrades(should be in certain enemy's yet not all the time to make game more reasonable)
Make level progress each wave header than next( not a blasting wave out of thin air with little or upgraded weapons)
Make changes to background or bullets (so its visible to see)
Last fix the lag with ship combined with weapons/weapon upgrades
(If are going make a new version of this game maybe options could help, any ways its still a great game to kill time and very addicting)

-3 stars for one reason: games are supposed to be based at most 10% on luck, this is nearly 95% luck due to the powerups broken distribution. C-M-R-S-C-M-R-S-C-M-R-S-C-M-R-S-C-M-R-S-C-M-R-S-C-M-R-S for me is not a fun gameplay.