Reviews for "Asterash"

7-1 de local

1) Design the game.
2) Become the top scorer.
3) Have it deleted by your team.

5/5 would try to compete again :P

A really really awesome bullet hell game. Nothing seems repeats in this game unlike other most common bullet hells.
Maybe allow keyboard controls in options?

MonoFlauta responds:

We did not plan it for keyboard though we may add updates in the future!
Thanks for playing!

Muy buen juegos chicos,los felicito a los 3

MonoFlauta responds:

Gracias Alan!

An almost perfect way to waste time. Almost can't stop myself from playing it. My only gripes are the power-ups are most of the time very randomly distributed(as in which actual power up you get), and can be very scarce which isn't good when you have only the standard machine-gun or canons and the game decides to amp up the difficulty quicker than normal.

All in all, awesome game.