Reviews for "Asterash"

My score is 36100 ;)

The game is fun and addictive, it's really hard to progress. You think you'll gonna make it aaaand you're dead.
It needs some polishing, sometimes you get killed with no escape, like a boss and a line of dummies with shields. Homing rockets are really weird, and too much feedback make the ship hard to move, the shotgun even replace the ship randomly =(
And last thing, i'd prefer have the weapons on the side, not on the middle of the screen hiding my ship.

So, the game contains nice ideas, really hard based on luck, with some polish it can be really good ! Medals are pretty cool

EDIT - I now got all of the medals like a year later besides the one where you have to get the top score ever.

Grrr... this game makes me so angry! I keep dying right when I think I'm getting better at it. I got most of the medals, but I'm not sure if I have the patients to keep going. The artwork is awesome, but with the background, vibrations of the ships, and other things going on my eyes get crossed and I have a hard time telling what's an incoming enemy projectile of death or if it's something else. Oh well, it really looks great and plays amazing. This is the type of shooting game we need for PYROSCAPE 4! (I swear to god I'm working on it this week and I'll talk to you about it in a little bit on facebook)

Is there some cheats or hints you can throw my way so I can get the rest of the medals? There's no way that I can survive two minutes in this game.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for playing! About the messy screen (with all the shakes and stuff coming to you). Yes, maybe we went a bit too far in feedback haha. But well, I guess it ended up well! First place of the day finally haha.
About the medals, sorry, but we wanted this game to be the dark souls of Newgrounds! haha.
Thanks a lot for playing and looking foward to do Pyroscape 4!

Fun game - and the changing / upgrading weapon types are really fun to play.

BUT laggy, and the therefore after a while, unplayable (too many bullets to evade all in time).

Also, Some kind of progress, or life / shield system would be cool.

Keep it up!

game is addicting I do like very much But this my opinion this game is so random from weapons to how the wave of enemy's show up each every time. Plus the slowness your ship gets as it powers ups most people think this. And the visibility of the bullets should be different kinda blends in with background.
As for I think weapon upgrades(should be in certain enemy's yet not all the time to make game more reasonable)
Make level progress each wave header than next( not a blasting wave out of thin air with little or upgraded weapons)
Make changes to background or bullets (so its visible to see)
Last fix the lag with ship combined with weapons/weapon upgrades
(If are going make a new version of this game maybe options could help, any ways its still a great game to kill time and very addicting)