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Reviews for "Asterash"

Fun, addictive and challenging!

I had a lot of fun *trying* to get to the top of the scoreboard. The randomness and variety in enemy ships kept it interesting even after playing for quite a while. Every attempt had an unique feel to it, as the enemy waves and powerups were completly different each try, still keeping an overall pattern and difficulty curve in check, well done!

There were a few "unlucky" and "Why do you hate me game?" situations which truthfully were hilarious, a bit of bad luck and poor planning leading to an epic failure ("Well , damm"). It may seem unfair at first but it gets better as you keep going, learning how to avoid those situations thinking ahead and dealing with each enemy type better. For me, challenge makes it interesting so I am eager to see what else the game will throw at me as I progress further! Slowly but surely!!

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! Reading things like this makes everything worth it!

I like it

MonoFlauta responds:

Glad you like! Thanks for playing!

Good game at first difficulty increases quickly, but the feeling that gives you the skills and ability to shoot constantly is very sactifactoria, plus it is addictive to the very good guys + 10papu

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for playing!

Muy buen juegos chicos,los felicito a los 3

MonoFlauta responds:

Gracias Alan!

Cool game!
Simple and smooth gameplay
The music also fits perfectly

MonoFlauta responds:

Thank you!