Reviews for "Asterash"

A good game for what it is. I admit bullet hell games are not exactly up my alley, but regardless this went well for me. That your initial weapon changes from play to play is a nice little touch. I admit I found it a bit frustrating at times when I had a weapon I really liked powered up (like the fully upgraded missiles) and then I got a second weapon I was not as fond of (like the machine gun) I felt like I was stuck with the machine gun because when a shotgun came down the screen, if I got it I would be sacrificing my beloved 3rd tier missiles for it rather than the lackluster machine gun.

I will also add my list of names to the people who had issues telling the hostile fire from the background.

That being said, this was still a well done game. You seem to know what you want to have made and you made it well. I approve. Well done!

MonoFlauta responds:

Hello! First of all, thanks for playing the game and leaving a review! We are glad you like it :)
About the weapon system, I know it may seem unfair for some people, but we think it adds a bit of strategy to the fast-paced game :)
For the background issue, we just made an update that gives you an option in the main menu to darker it if you can't see very well the bullets. We invite you to try it out if you want!
Once again, thanks a lot for your review and for playing it!

Interesting upgrade system, decent music. Main issue: very hard to tell enemy bullets from background and hence very hard to evade, which is a big issue for a bullet hell game. I cant memorise the patterns to avoid them if i can't see the pattern.

MonoFlauta responds:

Sorry about the background thing. We made many versions of it and we thought this one was going to work. Other than that, thanks for playing!

It's ok.
I had a hard time telling the bullets apart from the background.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for playing! And sorry about that, we passed through many versions of the background and we though this one was good

if you can appreciate a hard game that doesn't make you rage quit, you just found it.

you guys really ought to expand this, it doesn't have to be a 2 minute game and its easily going to earn you some AD revenue if its put out for mobile devices. good luck, and thanks for the game

MonoFlauta responds:

Loved your review for this: "if you can appreciate a hard game that doesn't make you rage quit, you just found it."
I can't think of something better to read from someone about Asterash. Thanks for playing our game! And who knows, maybe in a future we can expand this!

This is very close to an amazing game. Some detractions:

Why is the power-up "R" called missiles? When there is a power-up "M" for machine gun? Unnecessarily confusing. Especially since one is the best weapon in the game, and the other, the absolute worst. Not really balanced there.

Obvious bug: if power-up X drops, and I don't pick it up before another same power-up X drops, the second one doesn't increment / upgrade the weapon.

Annoying feature: the 'current song' pop-up is super distracting, given the intensity of the game and one-hit deaths.

What is the point of the impenetrable super-shield foes? Or the random epileptic screen flashes?

Also you will forever annoy every medal collector with that "be the top of the all-time leaderboard" medal. That would have made more sense with a 'top of the week' or something like that. The way it's set up is first-come, first-serve. Kind of frustrating. Maybe that's the point.

Good bullet hell upgrade top-scroll shooter.

MonoFlauta responds:

Hello! First of all thanks for playing the game!
About the power up icon, maybe the best would had been to call them Rockets instead of missiles and I can agree with you about that. About the balance, I know it is not perfect, but is it possible you didn't max the missile weapon? It is more difficult to get it to the max but will destroy a lot more than the machien gun, meanwhile the machine gun is really useful to get some quick points and in the early phase of the game. Anyway, I can be wrong! :)
About the obvious bug, you had two power ups in the screen at the same time? What did exactly happen? Can you pm me so I can track it down and fix it?
The current song only pop ups at the start of the game, we though it wouldn't distract that much. Maybe adding an option to disable it would be a good idea. Thanks for pointing it out.
For the shield, it makes you focus on one ship wich also makes you move around, at least that was the goal for that enemy. And about the flashes, if you are having many enemies and didn't make a quick plan, it can make you difficult to survive (as the asteroids and the gas clouds). Or at least that was the plan.
And for the medal, well, we wanted to make it a really special medal, we hope they understand and try to get it!
Other than that, thanks for the complete review! Glad you like it and I promise you that will be check every thing you pointed out for an upcoming update.