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Reviews for "Asterash"

Solid game, but it has serious lag and stability issues with certain weapon upgrades and/or combinations.

The Double Machine-gun upgrade causes graphical lag when firing the weapon, and it becomes incredibly hard to control the ship. When I stop firing, the ship goes back to normal and I fly into an enemy bullet because I swung my mouse hard to the side.

Same thing happens when you have the Quad Cannons upgrade or the Barrage Homing Rockets upgrade.

Not sure if the unstable ship is a gameplay thing or not, but the graphical lag is a huge problem.

This game is really fun with nice music and graphics, but the main thing that really irks me is that my ship is incredibly difficult to control with the mouse--there's very little room for subtlety. Normally when I play bullet hells, I use the arrows on the keyboard which allows for much more flexibility. Everything with the mouse is just really jerky and I keep running into bullets with the slightest shake of the mouse. But if that doesn't bother you I can see why this would be a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Fast paced and immense fun. LOve the music. Basically awesome game

MonoFlauta responds:

A big thank to you from us!

Seriously only one life!!! for anything else is a good game with good music.

MonoFlauta responds:

Hello! Yes, sorry about that but our goal was to make a really difficult game with an arcade feeling! Other than that, glad you like it and thanks for playing!

This was pretty good. I have a few problems, though. The first thing is that when enemies get into a line, they are incredibly hard to attack. The background isn't that bad when it comes to enemy fire, but I often get my shots mixed up with the enemy's. That being said, it is super addictive and it got me to play.

MonoFlauta responds:

Hello! First of all, thank you for playing our game!
About the enemies get into line, one possible strategy to that is to focus them first. Or to keep moving all the time. (I guess you are talking about the quick ones). Also, you can always just avoid them but they will close your movement space till they go.
For the enemy fire, we just released a new update that lets you make the background darker. If you want, try it out and check if the problem is solved. If not, please pm me and we will probably change the bullets colour for the next update.
Thanks a lot for playing and for the review!