Reviews for "Asterash"

An almost perfect way to waste time. Almost can't stop myself from playing it. My only gripes are the power-ups are most of the time very randomly distributed(as in which actual power up you get), and can be very scarce which isn't good when you have only the standard machine-gun or canons and the game decides to amp up the difficulty quicker than normal.

All in all, awesome game.

fun way to kill time

Simple, yet challenging; frustrating, at times, yet highly addictive, thanks to having only one life per game. Some others mentioned preferring that the ship maneuver via that arrow keys, but I like using just the mouse and needing only one hand to play this time-chewer. One thing I'd like to see in a subsequent version is the player's ship automatically firing without the player having to depress the mouse button, since there's no reason to hold one's fire in this game.

I managed to get all but two of the medals, and I don't imagine I'll ever score enough point to earn the "best-of-all-time" medal. I do wonder, though, when the "elite speed ship" is supposed to show up. As of this writing, I've managed to survive long enough to make it past 100,000 points and still didn't see it.

Very good, but with one or two flaws.
First, the powerups need to be less random or more frequent. I've had runs when it was impossible to get my weapons to level 2 because I kept getting different powerups. Rockets->Shotgun->Machine gun->canon->rockets etc.
Second, a slower buildup in difficulty would help. The third wave of enemies sometimes fills the screen with bullets. I know it says bullet hell, but easing the player in helps build interest and makes it seem like the game is beatable.
You've got a real winner here, it just needs polish/

Solid game, but it has serious lag and stability issues with certain weapon upgrades and/or combinations.

The Double Machine-gun upgrade causes graphical lag when firing the weapon, and it becomes incredibly hard to control the ship. When I stop firing, the ship goes back to normal and I fly into an enemy bullet because I swung my mouse hard to the side.

Same thing happens when you have the Quad Cannons upgrade or the Barrage Homing Rockets upgrade.

Not sure if the unstable ship is a gameplay thing or not, but the graphical lag is a huge problem.