Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

I was expecting more political satire with this. I mean, Donald Trump is President! The jokes write themselves! This was basically nothing but you putting in percentages. I mean, there was so little action. I guess the music was alright.

Let's hope this works out in real life. No, that's too clich├ęd. Anyway, I just wasn't interested in getting the medals. It's mostly because I didn't know how to! At least it was a tad unique.

really game no fun and i'm see games best this and no fun really and really need to make best this

Too chance based, I had high levels of security someone blew the parliament up with me in it.
When I reduced the crime rate to zero, and as soon as I increased food to my citizens, 8% crime rate and infrastructure lost 40%

Seems like no matter what you do, you are screwed, which really ruins the simulation, it would be a fun game if it wasn't based 100% on pure randomness.

medals dont work, politics shouldnt be in video games.

I play for the song. The game wasn't something that I cared for.