Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

Im having a really annoying problem, my cursor is hide! D: is very hard to click on stuff

Anyway, the ideia is really solid! Just a little up on the graphics will make this a 5/5 game!!

Could use some more content, or variables... the whole thing feels a bit hit-and-miss now.
That said, I did great by first making everyone really happy and becoming hugely popular. (happiness and popularity 100%)
Then I became a total dictator and raised fear, investing all budget in maintaining happiness and popularity. In no time I could set everything to normal and I had a fearful, crime-free population with 100% scores in everything. But like others here I got kicked out of the white house after 44 years. I had a hard time maintaining popularity all of a sudden but still had 85% when I was replaced.

Fun concept, but it needs more events and perhaps a national struggle of some sort. The only thing you need to do to reach 100% in everything is to put punishments high, and all expenditures into infrastructure without dropping security below 11%. Once infrastructure reaches 100% begin spending budget points on happiness, and popularity to keep it over 50% and slowly increase them. After infrastructure you should spend most of your money on increasing security over time. Once security gets high you can decrease your punishments or set your agenda to whatever you want.

It's pure black for me so Im going to assume good game few bugs, classic newground

You can get most or all of the medals by taking your policies to the extremes and maxing the relevant budget areas (usually start with popularity to keep you in power, it doesn't take long to max). Two secret medals are random events (not sure if the second one has a trigger, but I got it in the course of getting the other medals), and the last one has to do with fake elections.

The game is basically a clicker, I guess the concept works even though it's oversimplified (which is a good point for me, keeps the interface and gameplay straightforward). Not bad but nothing to write home about.