Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

Im having a really annoying problem, my cursor is hide! D: is very hard to click on stuff

Anyway, the ideia is really solid! Just a little up on the graphics will make this a 5/5 game!!

Pretty easy game. Start by setting hard punishments and hard laws, with normal food, no control, and free elections. Sort-of like how our founding fathers started things.
For stats, maintain everything but gradually push infrastructure up by the maintain points, plus 5 more each turn to get it to 100. Then continue maintaining, with focus on happiness. Then popularity, then security. Do it right, and you'll have 100 on all stats, and run an excess of budget every turn. I'm running on my 25th year now, and wondering if there's an end.

Overall fun and entertaining. It's simple but it works. My only complaint is that sometimes it seems to be based on luck.

This game clearly supports being a dictator lmao, i couldn't get things done other way around, i would end up getting killed or just not re elected, seems like the easiest way to go is faking elections, unhuman punishments and 100% fear. Simple but fun. Except when random events pop up , like aliens destroying my infrastructure for no apparent reason.

Could use some more content, or variables... the whole thing feels a bit hit-and-miss now.
That said, I did great by first making everyone really happy and becoming hugely popular. (happiness and popularity 100%)
Then I became a total dictator and raised fear, investing all budget in maintaining happiness and popularity. In no time I could set everything to normal and I had a fearful, crime-free population with 100% scores in everything. But like others here I got kicked out of the white house after 44 years. I had a hard time maintaining popularity all of a sudden but still had 85% when I was replaced.