Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

Perfect set up:
Mild Punishments
Food Rations
Little Control
Hard Laws

This is fun and creative and shows how whatever you think you're doing is right, people will always find something to complain about. What's difficult is that you say you'd listen to people yet all you get is a report gauging people and the country based on a handful of factors like infrastructure and entertainment, laws and control. Many of these are important, and there's no left/right wing here.

Initially i did ok adding more happiness/popularity but crime was going up a bit and fear seems to always always always go up. Perhaps the key is the former?

I set up normal punishments, a lot of food, normal control, normal laws. It took me around 2 years to have everything at 100% so I rarely had to spend my budget on anything. I like this game

Between my 15th and 16th elections, my Popularity dropped from 100% to 0%. And then sometime after my 20th re-election they tried to assassinate me like 10 times despite my 100% security, finally succeeding in exploding me. And I was looking forward to outliving everyone. What happened, I was the best thing to come along in centuries, people should know better than to depose a ruler who keeps everyone happy all the time. At least my statue will live on, unless a bunch of libtards decide to pull it down. Fear is much much easier to control than popularity! They will be scared to pull down my statue.

Not bad at all! I quit playing after 88 years, though. 88!! No heart attacks or successful assassination attempts. Fear was close to 100%, popularity was 32%, crime 0%, everything else 100%. Did I just find the "right" way to do things? Or is it a balance defect?